Sebastián Gordín


Artist in collaboration with the gallery


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969. Lives and works in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

In 1983, he joined the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts. This year was the last of the civil-military dictatorship and the beginning of the spring called Alfonsin. A time of great socio-cultural effervescence, after much suffering the horror of the dictatorship. The underground cultural scene of Buenos Aires experienced great growth. Like many young people of his generation, Gordin created, together with a group of friends of the school, a fanzine of comic called “Spring Salchichón”. The magazine began to transit in clubs and cultural centers of Buenos Aires as in Cement, Parakultural and etc. It is in these places that a part of the group begins to show graphic productions, which resemble more painting of the 90s than with the comics.
In those years, a new unit of the University of Buenos Aires, the Cultural Center Ricardo Rojas was created and, in 1989 was appointed curator of the gallery Jorge Gumier Maier Rojas. It is in this place that Gordin makes his first individual exhibition of paintings. The exhibitions held in this space – his and other artists – reconfigured the artistic map of Buenos Aires in the 1990s. Well known artists such as Pablo Suarez and Roberto Jacoby exhibited in the Rojas and are considered pioneers of a new aesthetic that have proposals relating to the years 60. Jacoby begins a stage of collaborative creation of a series of cartoons, one of which will be published in Fierro magazine.

In 1992, at Jacoby’s idea, Gordin held an exhibition – performance on Florida Street, at the gates of the Latin American Cooperation Institute (ICI) – an institution that soon became an ally to legitimize Rojas gallery. With a lamp in his forehead, the artist approached the audience on the street for a guided tour of a miniature exhibition “large premises” conceived within a model of ICI itself.

The quality of its facilities, and is a continuing process in its latest works, its sophisticated representations of galleries and imaginary museums, such as the Vampire Manuscript Museum, Zombie Museum or the Museum of Art which was part of the retrospective show that the Museum Buenos Aires de Modern art in 2014.

He won the Braque Prize, among others, the grant for the artistic creation of the National Foundation for the Arts and Torches Foundation and the Arteba Petrobras award. He was selected for the residencies of artists Monflanquin (1995), Frac des Pays de la Loire (2002) and Ateliers d’Artistes de Marseille (2001). His works are in public and private collections, such as: National Museum of Fine Arts in Argentina, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Art Reina Sofia, Jack Blanton Museum of Art, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, MAR Museum Rio de Janeiro, Castile and León Museum of Art, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, Malba Constantini Collection.