Sebastián Gordín

Artist in collaboration with the gallery


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969. Lives and works in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

Gordin emerged in the Argentina of the late 80’s and was part of a group of artists who were criticised for their apparently apolitical art. In fact the artist talks of the sense of the ‘joy of creation’ which suffuses his work as a necessary reaction to the extreme darkness of the terrifying period in the 70’s which Argentina went through. Gordin’s fascination with the world of books led to his iconic series of faux magazine covers which drew from the an- cient marquetry techniques found in Renaissance palaces and churches. Magazine covers mark a continuum through the artist’s production. Gordin’s work connects two worlds not often seen together: the exquisitely crafted object and the 5 cent magazine meant to be read and discarded. This ability to embrace culture from a 360 degree standpoint is crucial in understanding both the artist and his practice. His early works contain an ability to look at the world with the wonder of a child. His constructions transmit pure visual pleasure through their endless playfulness and originality. An admirer of the great comic French film-maker Jacques Tati, Gordin engages with the concept that comedy can take shape from any kind of observation. Inevitably, as both his artistic vision and his technique have developed, the wonder has remained as has his lightness of touch, yet it has progressively outgrown that of the child. Giving display of unique narrative inventiveness and observational acumen, scenes from a range of subjects varying from imaginary museums, libraries hit by a disaster, historical tableaux etc, all made in miniature and enclosed within a glass case, ultimately comment on man and his relationship to society.