Song Dong

Artist in collaboration with the gallery


Born in Beijing, China, 1966. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Dong has emerged from a strong Chinese avant-garde performing arts community and has become a significant proponent at the forefront of conceptual art in China, as well as in international contemporary art practice. Song graduated from the fine arts department of Capital Normal University in Beijing in 1989. His work ranges from performance and video to photography and sculpture. Song explores notions of impermanence and the transience of human endeavor.



Coletiva | Interlúdios 216

de 12.09 a 22.10, na Baró Galpão

Coletiva | Menos é Mais

De 09.01 a 13.02.16, na Baró Jardins

Song Dong // Regenerate

30/08 a 15/11/2014


Song Dong abre exposição no Rockbund Art Museum, em Shangai, China