Energy, frequency and vibration I Fernando Renes

Arco E-xhibition

We’re pleased to announce in our VR program the exhibition “Energy, frequency and vibration” by Fernando Renes. The exhibition features a clipping with more than 20 works that carry the artist’s poetics and their crossing in the language of drawing, ceramics and video.
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“If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

This phrase by Nikola Tesla, selected by Fernando Renes to give title to his exhibition, alludes immediately to his own energy and work dynamics, qualities that keep alive in the creative and interpretive action present in the set of pieces that constitute his artistic proposal.
For this exhibition, two sets of works were selected in which the drawing, the written word and the use of color as instruments of expression are a constant. Present both in works that rest on paper, as in compositions built with tiles, they stimulate different relations between the spectator and the artist, surpassing the simple recognition of language to create the plastic fact together. The exhibition is complemented by two animations for which Renes used his experience in videography, but always based on drawing.

In the words of the artist: “I consider my work to be the result of a concatenation of intuitions, where there is usually no theoretical basis or a defined research project, but rather a rescue of these intuitions in other words, an attempt to intertwine the different certainties, sensations or emotions that I am having, and that as such are configuring the work, where combinatorics take on special importance, becoming my main work tool, resulting in that fabric made of remnants, intuitions, emotions, thoughts… Which is later formalized in drawings, ceramics, videos, sculptures, urban interventions.

Fernando Renes was born in Covarrubias (Burgos), 1970. He lives and works between Bilbao and Covarrubias. With a degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Research and Creation in Art, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and several invitations to artistic confrontation. He has about twenty individual exhibitions, presented in cities in Spain and the United States, and his work has earned him, among other recognitions, the BilbaoArte Foundation (2018), AECID at the Spanish Academy of Rome (2013), ENDESA scholarships.


Exhibition view at Arco E-xhibition

Exhibition view at Arco E-xhibition

Exhibition view at Arco E-xhibition