Day to Day I Massimo Vitali

artsy viewing room

2020/11/29 - 2020/12/14

Day to Day I Massimo Vitali

We’re pleased to announce our Viewing Room program at Artsy.
Starring our dear artist Massimo Vitali – with 6 of his new works!

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Since 1993, Vitali, an Italian photographer, started his series in large format that investigate human behavior with the aim of social analysis, through the repetition of the same composition with subtle differences. That year Silvio Berlusconi had won the first presidential elections in Italy, and the curiosity of how this change had affected daily life made Vitali begin to observe mass concentrations. Taken with a large format camera, the photographs have the technical imposition of having to be taken from a platform several meters high that contribute to this distance and focus. The normality of the holidays is an excuse to talk about false complacency, the illusory sense of well-being, the commodification of leisure, the invasion of nature, vital conformism, exposed sexuality, cynical hedonism.

Massimo Vitali (Como, Italy, 1944) lives between Lucca, Italy, and Berlin, Germany. He studied classical culture at the Liceo de Milao and later graduated from the London College of Printing. From the seventies to the nineties he developed his career as a photo reporter, focusing on the artistic production from the nineties on.