27 May - 27 June 2020

Probably no artist in Brazil has expressed through artistc pratice the affirmation of the black and his truest existence. Sensed on the flesh and the soul Josafá Neves approaches the theme of Afro-Brazilian culture through a cunning and genuine interpretation, transforming it into a permanent and disturbing reality. The practice of painting for the artist is of undeniable and effective value. Its black color reaches the most intimate emotions of the spectators in their 20 years of full dedication to the craft of the arts. It is in the real of routine work, in his constant presence in front of the canvases, argile, woods and other materials that the artist projects his concrete, shrewd and uncompromising reading of existence. Orixás by Josafá Neves is a landmark for acknowledging the strength of the art and culture of African origin. Neves has a ritualist artistic practice and a purpose to give us the acess of his reading on artistic spirituality.