Fernando Renes is part of the exhibition De la línea al barro


Almost a year after the beginning of the confinement postponed its presentation for a few months, the Bapore Atelier de Balmaseda association returns to the same premises of the Horkasitas palace to present its new proposal this Friday: an exhibition on ceramics that will bring together installations by the artists Fernando Renes, Raisa Álava and Estela de Miguel, as well as Sonia Castán-Colectivo Kéyah and Miren Barrena, as the first selected from the HASZI program, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, Eremuak and Bilbao Arte Fundazioa.

In the exhibition De la línea al barro “a body is articulated from the drawing line, which is presented to us as a figure within a chronicle between the literary, poetic, fictitious, real, tangible and virtual, from the perspective of each artist”. The exhibition focuses on “disciplines that from charcoal and clay have shown us the different historical moments of many civilizations”. In the XXI century they are transformed into works of “contemporary art, specifically designed” for the space “dialoguing with the events of the town”.

Sonia Castán, from Sopuerta, who, with Sendoa Calleja, continues the work begun in 1970 by Marimar Burón and Arturo Castán through the Kéyah project, defending the value of manufacturing and natural materials “with the interest in artistic creation and design through the exploration of clay “, explain Irati Inoriza and Laura Peña, founders of Bapore Atelier.



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