Miragem: Amanda Mei

4 August - 4 September 2018
Artist Amanda Mei's first solo exhibition as represented by the gallery "Miragem".  Starting August 4, 2018, Baró presents Miragem, Amanda Mei's first solo exhibition as represented by the gallery. The show is curated by Ana Roman. 
Through an investigation about the landscape and its constituent elements, the artist explores in the gathered works a possible relationship between the materiality of the planet and the concept of world.
In most of the works chosen for this individual exhibition, the artist chooses rock as the central element for the construction of an idea of the planet, world, and universe. In some works she creates, in cardboard, rocks that, piled up, form herms of an almost sculptural character, in which her interest in rock matter sculpted by natural geological processes and by its form is revealed.
In the gallery's main space, there will be works created since 2017 in which the artist seeks to act on the threshold between the world - in which we inhabit, as human beings and organize ourselves socially - and planet Earth. In this sense, it matters to the artist to work with symbols that refer to an idea of creation, such as ovoid figures and planets.

In addition to sculptures and objects, the show brings a series of landscape paintings, whose tradition goes back to the history of art and painting. They will be juxtaposed to rocks in a kind of furniture-frame. Once again, the rock is understood as a constituent of the landscape and, in this sense, a fragment of the world. Mei's gesture explores an idea of geological materiality as world formation.