September, 18

Massimo Vitali has a new solo show at Museo Fico: Costellazioni Umane

From September 25th to December 20th at Museo Etteore Fico, Massimo present Costellazioni umane

A selection of the most significant works of the great photographer, capable of immortalizing with a unique style, recognized and appreciated internationally, beaches, discos and public spaces in general, where anonymous individuals are portrayed in their free time. Large-format works with a clear composition, like that of a cinematographic still image, which tell every single detail of the mass scenes they represent.

September, 15

Daniel Arsham at the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts

Daniel Arsham has been invited by the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts to participate in a Carte Blanche reimagining of the museum. On this occasion, he will present a new suite of to-scale sculptures based on iconic works from Antiquity. Activating the vast collection of molds at the Re?union des Muse?es Nationaux – Grand Palais (RMN), this new body of work will be featured in the permanent collection of the museum. The exhibition will be complemented by a blue zen garden: a site specific installation that will occupy the fourth-floor rotunda beneath the dome of the main Guimet building.
The exhibition ‘Moonraker’ will be on view from October 21 to January 25.



Daniel Arsham foi convidado pelo Museu Nacional de Artes Asiáticas de Guimet para participar de uma reimaginação Carte Blanche do museu. Nesta ocasião, ele apresentará uma nova suíte de esculturas em escala baseada em obras icônicas da Antiguidade. Ativando a vasta coleção de moldes da Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais (RMN), este novo corpo de trabalho fará parte da coleção permanente do museu. A exposição será complementada por um jardim zen azul: uma instalação site specific que ocupará a rotunda do quarto andar sob a cúpula do edifício principal Guimet.

A exposição ‘Moonraker’ estará em exibição de 21 de outubro a 25 de janeiro.


September, 11

AES+F are now part of The National Gallery of Australia collection


AES+F are now part of The National Gallery of Australia collection

The National Gallery of Australia acquired from AES+F the 3-channel version of The Feast of Trimalchio, as well as the large scale print from the series, Arrival of the Golden Boat. It  as a generous gift by renowned Australian collectors, Dr. Dick Quan and John McGrath.

September, 07

Norbert Bisky integrates the exhibition Features at Stadt Museum

04.09.2020  – 22.11.2020

The exhibition shows artistic perspectives on Berlin’s past and present. Ten German and international artists who live here watched the events and debates in the city and each created a new image in large format.

On the main nave of the Nikolaikirche, these individual works of art come together to form a frieze of paintings that reflects Berlin’s development since 1987 in various ways. That year, on the city’s 750th anniversary, sculptor Gerhard Thieme completed his concrete frieze for the Nikolaiviertel in the east of the divided city. The focus is on the secular struggle of the popular masses for self-determination, which was only achieved under socialism.

The way Thieme interprets the history of Berlin differs significantly from the history of the city in the Rotes Rathaus terracotta frieze of around 1870. There are talented and hardworking men who built the city in the swamp and led it to greatness and success. Features uses the resources of contemporary art to connect with these historical friezes in the city’s history.
With works by: Norbert Bisky, Patricia Bucher, Sol Calero, Friederike Feldmann, Nadira Husain, Thomas Kilpper, Thomas Ravens, Petra Trenkel, Helen Verhoeven and Suse Weber.



Norbert Bisky integrates the exhibition Szene Berlin

Norbert Bisky // NO SIGN, 2018 l oil on canvas, 2 parts l 320 x 480 cm



The collective exhibition Szene Berlin, curated by Johann König, is shown mainly in a renovated barn in the domain of Derneburg. The Berlin scene includes paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos by more than two dozen artists based in Berlin. The works were created in a period that began in the early 1990s until this year and stars such as Norbert Bisky, Monica Bonvicini, Jonas Burgert, Martin Eder, Olafur Eliasson, Elmgreen & Dragset, Stefanie Gutheil, Jeppe Hein, Gregor Hildebrandt, Judith Hopf, Wilhelm Klotzek, Alicja Kwade, Jonathan Meese, Anselm Reyle, Daniel Richter, Michael Sailstorfer, Tomas Saraceno, Thomas Scheibitz, Chiharu Shiota, Dirk Skreber, Katja Strunz, Jorinde Voigt, Corinne Wasmuht, Ai Weiwei and Young-Tak.

(…) The colorful mix of artists in Szene Berlin refuses to put one perspective above the other. Norbert Bisky stands out as an artist who embodies the vital force of the Berlin art scene. With aesthetic roots that go back to the fall of the Berlin Wall, he creates colorful and image-rich paintings in which he explores the mixture of communism, religion and state. In turn, Corinne Wasmuht shows an almost mystical intuition for spatial design. In his work, the fragility of our digital age and how the canvas can exaggerate our perception of architectural forms is clear.

Berlin arrives in Lower Saxony will be shown in September and October 2020.

August, 24

@BARO at Otra Feria MX

Felipe Ehrenberg // Give me liberty , 1966/1967 l  Acrílica, carimbos de borracha sobre madeira l 60 x 50 x 5 cm



The solo for the online fair OTRA FERIA MX ‘ “Give me Libert” calls for a selection of 8 iconic works by the emblematic artist Felipe Ehrenberg (1943-2017).

“I focus on spectators who know little about the labyrinthine and closed universe of current art. For a long time I have tried to create less hermetic works. Age gives us experience, among whose advantages is a healthy measure of skepticism towards ostentation. I like to combine this with humor. Humor breaks down barriers and this allows us to share truths (…) They consider me an avant-garde artist … but I rather see myself as a conservative because I continue creating with my own hands. I think with my head and heart. , but more than anything, I think with the tips of my fingers.

Felipe Ehrenberg
(Tlacopac, Mexico City, 1943 – Morelos, 2017)



El solo para OTRA FERIA MX “Give me Libert” requiere una selección de 8 obras icónicas del emblemático artista Felipe Ehrenberg (1943-2017).

“me concentro en espectadores que saben poco del universo laberíntico y cerrado del arte actual. Desde hace tiempo procuro crear obras menos herméticas. La edad nos da experiencia, entre cuyas ventajas es una saludable medida de escepticismo ante la ostentación. Me gusta combinar esto con el humor. El humor desmorona barreras y esto permite compartir verdades (…) Me consideran un artista de vanguardia… pero yo mas bien me veo como un conservador pues sigo creando con mis propias manos. Pienso con la cabeza y el corazón, pero más que nada, pienso con las puntas de mis dedos”.

Felipe Ehrenberg
(Tlacopac, Ciudad de México, 1943 – Morelos, 2017)



check at: (24-31/08/2020)

August, 23

@BARO SP-ARTE 2020 I Viewing Room

Almandrade // Sem título (Por que? a arte), 1986 l Acrílica sobre tela l 24 x 30 cm


A Baró tem o prazer de anunciar sua participação na primeira edição do SP-Arte Viewing Room! A feira online entra ao ar amanhã! Entre na plataforma e cadastra-se para visitar nosso Viewing Room, que contará com obras dos artistas: Sidival Fila / Almandrade / Lourival Cuquinha / César Brandão / Maria Lynch / Josafá Neves / Amanda Mei.




Baró is pleased to announce its participation at the first edition of SP-Arte Viewing Room! The online fair starts tomorrow! Log on at to visit our Viewing Room; which will feature works by the artists: Sidival Fila / Almandrade / Lourival Cuquinha / César Brandão / Maria Lynch / Josafá Neves / Amanda Mei.


Sidival Fila // Metafora Blu Cobalto 161, 2020 l Pigmentos secos costurados sobre tela l 45 x 35 cm


July, 27

@BARO at #Arte da Quarentena

Almandrade // Sem título, 2020 l Acrílica sobre lona l 25 x 38 cm


Temos a alegria de participar de Arte da Quarentena, através da, junto a mais de 40 galerias.
O evento online ocorrerá de 27/07 à 09/08, na plataforma Nesta edição, participamos com obras dos artistas Almandrade, Amanda Mei, Cesar Brandão, Maria Lynch, Ricardo Alves e Pedro Gandra.

O evento conta com mais de 600 obras ine?ditas, Arte da Quarentena e? um retrato da produc?a?o arti?stica dos u?ltimos 120 dias. 10% da venda da galeria sera? doada para @_abact.


Maria Lynch // Sem título, 2020 l Óleo sobre tela l 37 cm × 50 cm


June, 10

@BARO at Otra Feria AR #siete

Josafá Neves // Ossain, 2019 l Ceramica l 35 x 22 cm

We are pleased to annouce our participation in Otra Feria, within the #Siete action, with works by our artist Josafá Neves! Approaching his series Orixás and Afro-Índigena. They are both a landmark for acknowledging the strength of the art and culture of African and Indigenous origin.


Nos complace anunciar nuestra participación en Otra Feria, dentro de la acción #Siete. Estaremos presentando obras del artista Brasileño Josafá Neves. Visita nuestro stand virtual para conocer sus series Orixás y Afro-Índigena. Ambas series celebran la fuerza de la cultura de origen africano e indígena.


Josafá Neves // Oxum, 2019 l Ceramica l 35 x 22 cm
March, 31

Erwin Olaf at Paci Contemporary


The fisrt solo exhibition in Paci Contemporary of Erwin Olaf were originally scheduled for 21 March until 30 September 2020, has been postponed due to the outbreak of the covid-19 virus. Keep an eye on the website of Paci Contemporary for details concerning the new opening date (now 10.23.2020).