BARÓ was founded by María Baró in 1999. The gallery program has become a point of reference for international art in the Brazilian art scenes and, at the same time, has crossed borders, projecting Latin American art to other latitudes. Also, it has participated in numerous art fairs such as Miami Basel, Armony- NY, ArtBO, ArtBA, Sp-Arte, ArtRio, MACO-México, Arco- Madrid, Art Dubai, Frieze NY, and Frieze Masters, among others.


After twenty years in Latin America, BARÓ proposed to expand its activities to the European continent, starting with the creation of the BARÓ House program ( Madrid, Spain ) as an experimental space for the encounter between creators, thinkers, and collectors.


In 2021, BARÓ Gallery gave birth to BARÓ Lisbon and BARÓ Mallorca. The first one operates as a space for dissemination, projection, and consulting. It is developing programs such as BARÓ INsiTU, a platform for the growth and production of contemporary art projects adapted to a specific architectural or landscape environment. It acts as a facilitating agency between artists, collectors, companies, and institutions; it promotes the integration of Site Specific works in public or private collections. 


The second gallery, BARÓ Mallorca, initiates a new stage for BARÓ, inaugurating a venue offering for the rapprochement between Europe and the Américas, and also acts as a part of the rich artistic panorama offered by the Mediterranean. BARÓ gallery, as a center for the arts, has been striving to allow the expression and diffusion of contemporary art languages and has also become a facilitating entity between artists, institutions, and collectors.