Baró is pleased to present Refôrma, Amanda Mei’s solo exhibition at the gallery. 

In it, the presented works revolve around the concept of reorganization and redressing of a particular template, grid or mold. As stated by the artist herself:

“Refôrma (“Remold”) presents the experience of returning a flawed geometry to nature, a new use, a detour of the original function of these materials through the concept of artifice and camouflage. 

The exhibition is composed of paintings and sculptures that deal with the balance between elements that make up the universe, with three dimensional compositions built by man or directly appropriated from nature. They are combinations that rearrange themselves according to the environment they find themselves in, much like a molecular structure or a planet.” – Amanda Mei  

The group of selected works deals with both transformative and destructive movements, as well as the notion of progress and survival. These aspects are placed as a pact between man and nature – be it through the clash of different materials with the physical space, the clash between wall and paint or the interaction between visitors and artworks.

The fragments of wood, paper, cardboard, clay and paint are transformed into three dimensional shapes that seem to expand in space as an unofficial architecture for a determined period of time. Such procedures reflect the notion of camouflage associated with displacement, role and transformation of materials.


Installation Views