Galeria Baró is pleased to present the exhibition of works "Autoria Compartilhada" JAMAC/ Mônica Nador.
Mônica Nador was born in 1955 Ribeirão Preto. Artist of the generation 80, participates of several collective and individual exhibitions in galleries and national and international museums. In the mid-90s, she started to produce some mural paintings and, as of the end of the 90s, she began her work "Painted Walls", which consists of painting workshops for houses in marginalized regions, together with the residents of these regions. This project culminates in the creation of JAMAC in 2004, Jardim Miriam Arte Clube, a non-profit association formed by artists and residents of the Jardim Miriam neighbourhood, south zone of São Paulo (Sub-Municipality of Cidade Ademar). An independent space for artistic practice and sharing. Jamac thus arises from the project developed by the artist Mônica Nador, who leaves the conventional circuit of the arts and expands her work through processes of education and citizen formation. Developing dialogues with stencil workshops in marginalized regions and painting walls and houses in these territories, she constitutes a thought committed to the articulation of poetics, politics and ethics in art.
During this 13-year trajectory, JAMAC has already carried out several projects, dialoguing with other artistic languages, through a variety of local initiatives of a socio-cultural nature. Today, it has stencil workshops, a serigraphic printshop and the JAMAC Cinema Digital collective, which offers audiovisual courses. These actions, as well as JAMAC itself, were made possible through partnerships with institutions from various sectors. Today, JAMAC constitutes one of the few reception centres for cultural artistic production in the region.
At JAMAC's exhibition in the annex of the Galeria BARÓ jardins, a campaign will be launched that seeks collective funding to maintain the space and its productive force. Through the Benfeitoria platform, supporters can make donations of various amounts to help maintain the space and the activities that have already served hundreds of artists, groups and projects.
Installation Views