19 November 2016 - 14 January 2017
Baró Jardins Gallery is pleased to present the individual exhibition Matuto Matreiro, by the artist Fábio Baroli.
Through his new series of paintings "Muito pelo contrário", Fábio Baroli portrays one of those "matutos", tracing and punctuating his implicit. In this compilation, the sagacity of the puns that give form to this imagetic narrative brings not only the rescue of a culture that, in the great majority of the times, escapes to the understanding but, above all, it points the delicacy of the moorings of its personal universe. The blague represented in Baroli's paintings is realistically subtle and for this very reason we should look at it with lightness, in all its details, so as not to miss one, two, one hundred whole worlds that are indecipherable but still perfectly possible. A delightful contradiction that is immediately in tune with the thematic mood of the exhibition. After all, the pun is, above all, opposition. Immersion is therefore necessary and only becomes possible when there is on our part a balanced sense of understanding of the details. Let's be calm because the artist knows, more than anyone, that it is not unreasonable to seek in us the "matutos"...
Renato Silva
Fábio Baroli
Matuto Matreiro