24 July - 25 August 2016
Which order matters? What is organised and well installed in our latitudes today? Nothing seems to have any possible support, the balance of days happens on a slack rope, the leg shakes, the vision is blurred, the window pane is broken, the curtain and the clothesline struggle with the wind, a wall falls down, the bills are nonsensical, the signposts are untidy, politics is always playing tricks on us. It is one thing to arrange ideas, but another to deal with a country of people, said Guimarães Rosa. And I would also say, there are those who do not tidy up because they do not want things to be tidy.
Disarrangement may be a form of order, since to arrange may be to disarrange. It is enough to leaf through encyclopaedia books or poetry to realise that in an expanded semantic form, disorder is not the lack of order, but the negation of order. An anti-order, another possible form of order, not imposed, but which structures itself in the midst of the appearances of disorder, organically, some would say. And there is also the confusion of the other's eyes, which find disorder where things are as they are.
In the midst of an unprecedented crisis of representation, when we no longer entrust the other with both our most private and our most distributed anxieties, when the typical forms of ordering no longer seem to work, we have to question order itself. Faced with the objective conspiracy of the order of things, we perceive a diffuse conspiracy with which we identify. We tend towards disobedience?
For there is an order that indicates power, established by the one who establishes the values, the truths and the rules. Disorder shows the fragility of the imposed system, it demonstrates by the minimal dislocation that the order is a point of view of a person and his group of followers. Order is fragile, disorder resistance.
So it would be viable to believe again that we are preparing ourselves to leave a condition of mutineers and think about the transformations that matter...
Lucas Bambozzi
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