14 November - 19 December 2015
Baró Galeria presents on Saturday, November 14th, from 4pm, the opening of the exhibition "Universe in Expansion", signed by the artist Maria Nepomuceno. The show will be open until December 19, at Rua da Consolação, 3417 - Jardins. In "Universe in Expansion," the artist shows a step in the research she has been experimenting for some years, in which relationships with time, origin, nature, manufacture, architecture, symbolic objects and everyday materials are narrowed in each work.
There are five new works in which colour is given special attention. "Colour is a subject that has always interested me, an inheritance from the beginning of my artistic activity when I was studying painting. In these sculptures, the transition from one colour to another takes place in sequences in which the bead is the minimum unit", comments Nepomuceno.
In her work, the beads are more than just points of colour in the works, they are also references to indigenous and African roots. The works that Maria Nepomuceno presents are an exercise in this mathematical construction of colour and movement applied to living matter. Her inspiration comes from plants, fruits, organs and planets incorporated into materials such as straw, clay, wood, ceramics, necklace beads, rope and pigment.
Maria Nepomuceno
Maria Nepomuceno is from Rio de Janeiro, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Born in 1976, she has been studying art since she was 13, when she enrolled in free courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and theory at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage. Industrial Design is her undergraduate degree. He has been dedicating himself mainly to sculpture for some years now. His works establish a relationship between the body and nature from micro to macrocosm, and weave the memories of his own origins and experiences, promoting the encounter between present, past and future.