7 November 2015 - 16 January 2016
Baró Galeria presents on Saturday, November 7, from 11am to 4pm, the opening of the exhibition "Cenas de uma Viagem", signed by the artist Eduardo Stupía. The show will remain on view until January 16 in the gallery's gallery hall, located at 216, Barra Funda Street. The show features works created in São Paulo, inspired by the Barra Funda neighbourhood. The canvases painted by Stupía, recognized for his drawings of utopian architectural forms, reveal the artist's perception of more than geographical displacement. Stupía believes that every physical and territorial change implies emotional changes, and this is what transpires in the works that make up the exhibition.
"The Barra Funda neighborhood imposes its qualities to a newcomer and a strong scenic temperament. In this sense, I understand the show as a true travel journal, beyond geographical adventures, but rather psychic impressions, resonances, metaphors and mirages. Sometimes, looking at each of the canvases, individually they seem to represent more narrative aspects", Stupía comments.
According to the artist, the inspiration came naturally when he was on a visit to the Baró Galeria's shed, upon entering the large space, he observed that there was a resonance between the range and geometries, architectural structures and outdoor spaces around. "Everything began to be processed and translated in the form of pure graphic language, that is, my impressions of the trip produced a phenomenon more analogous than mimetic," he reinforces.
Colours are the most visible influence in Eduardo Stupía's stay in the neighbourhood, in the series there is presence, vibrancy, temperament and importance, according to the artist, stronger than in his more recent works. His paintings once again narrate the state of things, even before the things themselves. Sounds, perceptions about chaos, mixture of suburban characteristics with the turbulence of the centre, are in every detail in his works.
Eduardo Stupía
Eduardo Stupía's works rely predominantly on black and white colours, in delicate but intense paintings that convey the idea of "imaginary landscapes", created from materials such as pencil, acrylic, graphite, watercolour and ink, used in various techniques. Born in 1951 in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, he lives and works in his home country. He studied Fine Arts at the National School of Manuel Belgrano, in Buenos Aires, and began his career as a draftsman.
Since 1973 he has participated in solo and group exhibitions. His work has evolved gradually, concrete shapes and characters gave way to utopian landscapes and architectural forms. His production improved until it became something carefully planned in relation to form, materials and execution. Since 1980, this has been the direction of his work. With a 25-year career, Stupía has been teaching fine arts since 1984 at the same school where he graduated.
He has served as a juror for several municipal and national awards and received the Grand Prix of Drawing at the National Salon of Fine Arts in 2007. His work is in, among other private collections, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires (Malba), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires (MNBA), Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Rosario (MACRO), Museo de Arte Moderna de Buenos Aires (MAMBA); in Córdoba, at the Caraffa Museum; in Buenos Aires, at the Eduardo Museo Sívori; in Madrid, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes and Museo de Arte Moderna (MOMA); and in Valencia, at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderna (IVAM).