From — 28 May -  Until 15 July 2022
Curator: Carlos Roson

Ángel Marcos was born in Medina del Campo in 1955. In his work there is a deep sensitivity for social, economic and historical issues: power, vulnerability, exclusion or emigration and how these influence the natural and urban environment.

In his photographs he eliminates all ornament to allude to memory; the landscape itself contains a strong symbolic charge. He seeks to transcend mere observation, rejecting a documentary character reduced solely to an aesthetic question. In the words of the artist: “I do not do documentary photography, my intention is focused on the constant offer of thoughts through images; offer emotions.

The objects show us the dent of use, its exhaustion and its ephemeral nature, generating a space for reflection. The artist looks for simplicity, for the image to impact him in order to capture it. He plays with symbols, he is interested in social psychology and the conformation of identity. In short, everything that he has to do with emotions. He seeks and finds complexity in the banal.




May 25, 2022