Rasheed Araaen in Assembly Required

at Pulitzer Arts Foundation

From March 4, 2022 - Until Jul 31, 2022


STIR spoke to Stephanie Weissberg, curator at Pulitzer Art Foundation, about the exhibition. She explains, “The artworks in this exhibition invite people to explore relationships and modes of being that are outside of our typical expectations in relation to art, as well as to each other. [...] The works were created between 1959 and the present moment in seven different countries under distinct social and political contexts. They each share a belief in collaboration and public assembly as tools for reshaping society and resisting restrictive norms. In a moment in which we face profound isolation and divisiveness, the exhibition is intended to highlight the role artists have played in introducing platforms of agency and dialogue.”

(...) Pakistani-British artist Rasheed Araeen’s work Zero to Infinity presents a mobile structure made out of wooden blocks or cubes that are to be reassembled and disassembled by the public. The catalogue mentions that the work was made at a time when public sculpture was not accessible in British society. As a part of this exhibition, 36 cubes are on display and viewers are encouraged to ‘stack, tilt and balance’ them in order to make new formations.


+ https://www.stirworld.com/see-features-assembly-required-at-pulitzer-arts-foundation-invites-public-participation



March 4, 2022