“Entre les Mondes” with Mameluca

“Entre les Mondes” [In Between Worlds] is a space of transition and of junction, of conversation and contamination.

As the first episode of D&A by V&T – a new, curatorial initiative to promote and disseminate ultra-contemporary art and design, “Entre les Mondes” is an unprecedented point of encounter between seemingly separate worlds of artistic creation. Between 22 September and 8 October 2022, the exhibition brings into conversation 21 artists from 11 countries, drawing unexpected connections between fine art, collectible design and NFTs, between tangible and intangible artworks, between the physical and the digital. Taking over the historical Palacete Santo Estêvão in Alfama, Lisbon, and open from noon to 11pm, “Entre les Mondes” invites for an interactive and immersive experience in an unusual format of this hybrid, composite and disruptive field.

September 22, 2022