Relics in the Landscape by Daniel Arsham

At Yorkshire Sculpture Park UK
YSP presents the first UK museum display of work by the highly acclaimed North American artist Daniel Arsham.

Six of Daniel Arsham’s bronze sculptures will be shown outdoors in the 18th-century Formal Garden including Bronze Extraterrestrial Bicycle (2022), Bronze Eroded Bunny (Large) (2022), and the three-metre tall Bronze Eroded Venus of Arles (Large) (2022) – Arsham’s retelling of the ancient marble statue of Aphrodite from the 1st century BCE.

"As history progresses, all objects become antiquated and in some way, they all become ruins or relics, disused or buried. In 1000 years everything that we own will inevitably become one of those things. I don’t particularly see that as having an apocalyptic quality – it’s sort of just the march of time moving on."

- Daniel Arsham
October 1, 2022