The artist has received the Medal of Honor BMW Painting Award 2016. In 2007, he received the Primer Award for the “Artjove, Illes Balears” program. The Italian curator Achille Bonito Oliva chose him to participate in the exhibition “No more. The game’s on” in the Vostell-Malpartida Museum (Cáceres, Spain).

His work starts from an intentional and ironic ingenuity that manages to dismantle the perverse structures of reality. He has quickly developed a unique and identifiable style. For that, he applies the codes of popular culture, comics, illustrations, and a thoughtful naive aesthetic that hides a precise treatment of the themes he explores.

Pinya’s artwork denies ‘l’art pour l’art‘ and interprets it as a medium of expression. Art is eminently communicative and should always base on an ideology. For all this, instead of talking about ‘artistic creation’, we should talk about ‘artistic reaction’. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, murals, ceramics, installations, performances, graphic works, and sounds are the mediums the artist works.




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