Ángel Marcos works the image as a tool of creation, within the culture of contemporaneity.  His work refers constantly to the concept of the "blind spot" as formulated by the writer and Nobel prize-winner Elias Canetti: a blind spot of inversion beyond which things are no longer true. Marcos remarks that the impetus for his gaze lies in this beyond experience; there in that place lies between desire and publicity, this being understood as the outcome of a replacement of reality by seduction. Ángel Marcos develops his work around specific projects that serve as a subjective focus to the photographic action. Such is the case of Los bienaventurados (1997), La chute (2000), Around the Dream: New York, Cuba, China, Madrid, Barcelona, Vatican (2001-2018), Hints (2003), Un coup de dès (2008), Lizard's Tail. (2010), Hidden Gaze (2011) or The Intimate Subversion (2013), shown at the 55 Venice Biennale edition.


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