He started painting at the age of 10 observing the movements and signs of the urban environment he belonged to, thus creating his own theme: "end of fear", as he refers to himself. In his process JAMEX acts like a sponge. "I absorb everything I see. I listen, imagine and insert it into my own art. And so each work of mine becomes alive and genuine." 

He uses materials that range from canvas to cardboard, as well as wooden hoardings collected in the streets. The artist has a studio in Salvador and a collection on permanent exhibition at the headquarters of VANDL ART in Madrid and São Paulo. Among his recent projects are the individual exhibition "FIM DO MEDO", at the Salvador City Hall, invited by Maria Marighella, and the group show "Encruzilhada", at the Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia, being the youngest artist to have a work in the permanent collection.