• assume vivid astro focus, alocada verdadera aséptica fascinante, 2018 (detail) © avaf
  • Baró Talks

    avaf in conversation with Emiliano Valdés

    On the occasion of
    Art Dubai 2024
  • Can this sense of working inside yourself then translate into action, into a way of being in the world that creates more justice, more equality?
    On the occasion of Art Dubai 2024, artist Eli Sudbrack (assume vivid astro focus) and curator Emiliano Valdés (curator of the Bawwaba section of Art Dubai) discuss the potential of art as a healing force, touching on the practice of chromotherapy, colour theory and how the concept of 'psychedelia' has been misused to describe avaf's work:

    When you think of psychedelics you think of getting out of body, when in fact what we are trying to achieve is awareness. (Eli Sudbrack)