Baró is pleased to present Cosmography, Felippe Moraes’ second solo exhibition at the gallery. Curated by Julia Lima, the exhibition will take over the entire gallery space, along with the annex container, with brand new works developed by the artist over the past two years – including works developed during an art residency in Iran. With photographs, drawings and videos, Cosmography constitutes itself as a transition between science and spiritual, freely mapping different parts or aspects of the cosmos.

Among the works presented are: “The Drag that Said Phi”, starred by famous drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck, star of renowned reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. The exhibition also presents the photographic series “Movimento Pendular” (Pendular Movement), which presents luminous writings made in a dark room, which describe the orbital path of a pendulum that diminishes its radius of oscillation while changing its axis.
Installation Views