BAAGUNDI!: Albert Pinya


BARÓ is pleased to announce the individual exhibition of the Majorcan artist Albert Pinya: BAAGUNDI! The first exhibition that begins the collaboration between the two and that includes the last 4 years of production that had not been shown in that period on the island.


BAAGUNDI! title the sample. A word that comes from Telugu or Telugu, a language spoken by the second largest number of native speakers in India. Its meaning is "well/good" and is given to the experience that the artist lived in India in 2020 on the occasion of an artistic commission by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the city of Anantapur.

Creating a mural intervention, the children approached to contemplate the artist working and in a loud voice, thus calling Pinya's attention. This "cry" that the artist remembers so much alludes to the impact of an experience full of vitality, frenzy, enthusiasm and that returned him to the memory of his childhood, connecting again with his most childish side. A song to life where subversion and transgression manifest from love.


During the exhibition we will be able to enjoy different artistic disciplines such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and mural interventions that integrate the language of the artist with the architecture of the space. Works that take us to our inner child, from an urban language that nourishes the artist's universe from the influence of music, animation series, comics, manga and, of course, poetry. From the sacred to the profane, the beautiful and the sinister, the decadent and the sublime, the grotesque, the delirious. Representative works of this last period, articulated from a more established and consolidated language and visual narration, as opposed to a series of unpublished and recent works that symbolize that constant search, towards new paradigms and that mark the evolutionary dynamism that characterizes the work of he.


In short, Albert Pinya shows us everything that is present in his life as if it were a visual diary. Without a doubt, one of the most relevant exhibitions in the artist's career that marks a certain moment in the production of his work, announcing the new direction he is taking.

In addition, for the first time in Mallorca, some of the ceramics that the artist has been making with the ceramist Joan Pere Català Roig in recent years can be seen and will serve as a prelude to the exhibition that will be presented next July at the Es Baluard (Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma). A project curated by Mercedes Estarellas.

Installation Views