A FUGA: Norbert Bisky


In "A Fuga", the artist, based in the Antropophagic Manifesto, by the Brazilian writer Oswald de Andrade – in this work the author claims that contact with different cultures can lead to something completely new – inquiries if closing the borders, as it has happened to the Syrians in Europe, it would be the end of the "new" and "interesting."

Bisky paints around the topics of moving around, fleeing, people escaping or simply being on the move as a traveller. The paintings will be shown in a site specific installation, presenting collage-like sculptural works and a painterly intervention at the gallery space. Norbert Bisky ́s sensitivity for the topic is deriving from his own Biography: Both of his parents were displaced persons after second world war and had to escape their hometowns on large treks. Bisky ́s father spent his entire childhood in a refugee barrack.

The artist himself grew up inside the isolated closed up borders of East
Germany. Ever since the Berlin Wall came down,he discovered the world in vast travels, among other destinations, Brazil. For this exhibition, Bisky brings his own impressions of traveling and living abroad and his view about refugee camps, his travels he does around Brazil since 2014 and his experience as a resident iTel Aviv, Israel in 2015.

Installation Views