SE I OS: Almandrade I Baró Brasil


We’re pleased to present the individual exhibition SE I OS by our artist Almandrade.

The show features more than 10 emblematic works by the artist.

Almandrade – São Felipe, Bahia (1953) – Lives and works in Salvador, Bahia.
Plastic artist, architect, master in urban design, poet and professor of art theory at the art workshops of the Museum of Modern Art in Bahia. He integrated collections of visual poems, multimedia and installation projects in Brazil and abroad. One of the creators of the Language Studies Group of Bahia that edited the magazine “Semiótica” in 1974. He held about twenty individual exhibitions in Salvador, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and São Paulo between 1975 and 1997; he wrote in several newspapers and specialized magazines on art, architecture and urbanism. He published poetry books and / or visual works. He has works in several private and public collections, such as: Museum of Modern Art of Bahia and Pinacoteca Municipal de São Paulo. Retrospective Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, 2000. Exhibition “Thoughts” at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro, 2002.

Installation Views