Cambra de combustió by Albert Pinya and Joan Pere Català Roig


The "Combustion Chamber" project is an exhibition created in collaboration by the artist Albert Pinya (Palma, 1985) and the ceramist Català Roig (Palma, 1973). The process of these two creators is intertwined in this exhibition to create an installation that aims to bring the union of two media to the limit of their expressive possibilities.

Clay and paint are the basis for building from an ancestral methodology. Through the application of pictorial language to ceramics, a disruptive discourse is developed with a clear message of the need to return to earth in times of infinite uncertainty.

Touch, the sense that communicates the most, is the sense most present in ceramics. Mastery of the craft when creating the pieces is essential; it is through the gesture that the sculptures are born and it is only through fire that they acquire consistency. From the telluric force of the earth and fire, and from the patience and humility of Català Roig, a series of forms are born that combine to create large sculptural pieces that could very well be seen as totems. An ancestral component is added to the telluric of ceramics through the use of geometric shapes, transformed and enriched by the characteristic iconography of Albert Pinya. Through pictorial language, ceramics is humanized and begins to tell stories; civilization as a reflection of thought takes its place.

The artistic expression born of these processes that preserve a unique and immutable identity reflects the reaction of these two artists to the technobarbaria to which the digital revolution drags us and the need to survive the avalanche of trends, stimuli and fashions. ephemeral, mass-produced.

Abandoning the hierarchies that marginalized ceramics to handicrafts, Català Roig i Pinya manage to transcend conceptually towards a vindication of values ​​such as manufacturing, uniqueness, identity, memory and territory.

July 7, 2022