Vandl Art

Baró is pleased to announce its upcoming program Baró Generations, with an aim to give a platform to younger artists and curators within the established art scene.
Its introductory exhibition VANDL ART, a project by Brazilian curator Victor Valery (1994, Santos) promotes, for the first time in Europe, the art and thoughts of three ultra-contemporary Brazilian artists: Antonio Kuschnir (2001, Rio de Janeiro), Brenda Nicole (1998, Campinas) and JAMEX (2001, Salvador de Bahia). The boom of their careers in recent years and their progressive presence in institutions and collections inside and outside Brazil, are explained not only by the need of the art market to invest and incorporate new names, but also by the quality and uniqueness of their work, one of the main concerns of Baró Galería and VANDL ART since its origins.
“Our proposal is to present the artists from their individuality, interrelating and establishing new connections between three places as distant as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.
The artist JAMEX, in “JAMEX as an idea”, suggests a narrative that discusses experience and personal fulfillment, while promoting the emancipation of the artistic thought through urban symbolism. 
Antonio Kuschnir invites us to observe his perception of "Intimacy" and makes us reflect on our own. The works in his series present scenes of affection, with a certain humor and delicacy, and propose to the viewer an experience of self-knowledge.
Brenda Nicole's VUDÚ PUNK universe demands an exercise in unraveling. In her layered art, the artist relates subconscious experiences and provokes the viewer to risk following in her footsteps.  
VANDL ART is a collective, an art movement and an independent institution that invites us to reflect on our own physical and emotional existence, our intimacy and also the most delicate mysteries of the unconscious.”
Victor Valery
Installation Views