Cosmologies: Elias Crespin


Elias Crespin's work embodies a unique combination of artistic intuition and scientific rigor. He seeks to create sculptures that give visible form to the laws of the universe, su- ggesting a cosmic world governed by mathematical laws. His electrokinetic sculptures, subject to the laws of gravity and equilibrium, move from order to chaos, evoking the beauty and complexity of the universe.

Cosmologies, his first solo show at Baró in Palma de Mallorca, reflects his fascina- tion with the organisation and complexity of the universe. His sculptures are displayed as representations of the firmament's complexity, and the viewers' perspective as simi- lar to that of a person observing and thinking about the cosmos.



His sculptures are situated within the constructivism and kinetic art movement, which has been influenced by concepts of infinity, space, and time, as well as non-Eucli- dean geometry, relativity, and quantum mechanics. While artists in this movement have sought to understand the fundamental laws of the universe, Crespin brings his enginee- ring expertise to the forefront, creating sculptures that are both technically complex and visually striking.