Pineapple on a Trampoline: Fernando Renes

Pineapple on a Trampoline is the first exhibition by Fernando Renes at Baró Mallorca, within the context of the upcoming Art Palma Brunch 2023.

Inspired in his artistic technique by Japanese old masters such as Kawamura Bunpō and conceptually by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Pineapple on a Trampoline unveils another round of his own version of the Eternal Return.

As extension of his drawings, Renes creates and exhibits pieces that take the form of jars and traditional 19th century Andalusian earthenware vessels called "Lebrillos", displaying inside them colloquial messages and timeless representations, provoking a spatio-temporal collision of the objects' original form and meaning.

Other representations carried out by the artist within the same extension are his tile compositions. Originating from traditional artisanal techniques of street labeling in Spanish towns and villages, Renes makes use of them and creates new compositions in the form of murals and altarpieces, as in "¿Qué tramas?" (2011) and the mural "Te echo de menos" (2020).

"Each of Fernando Renes' drawings becomes a story narrated in images, a personal chronicle that emerges from the obstinate observation of what happens around him. The artist adopts irony as a resource, which in some cases borders on scathing, at the service of a critique of current behaviors and that usually come punctuated through the eloquence of phrases that are often as conclusive as the drawings themselves." - Manuel Segade
Installation Views